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The information offered below is information and news releases that come from sources aligned with the exterior envelope industry.  Specifically, the latest news will be from those sources that might impact AWCI member contractors.

Proposed ASTM Standard to help determine how long sealants last

A proposed new ASTM standard will help determine the longevity of in-service building sealants. The proposed guide (WK48490, Practice for Developing Accelerated Tests to Aid Prediction of the Design Life of Sealants) provides steps that should be followed in creating accelerated tests for these products that provide insulation, prevent leaking, and more.

"This standard is a reflection of the changing environment around accelerated testing of materials," says ASTM member Christopher White, a research chemist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. "There is a huge need to understand how long a material will last in service."

According to White, the standard, being developed by ASTM Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants, will help professionals systematically develop an effective accelerated design life test for joint sealant systems. Such systems separate the inside of a building from the outside. These sealants include the critical materials that hold insulating glass units in place and minimize leakage of air, water, and more. Those involved in new building joint sealant systems could benefit greatly from the standard.