Photo Gallery

Thank you to these contributing organizations for providing images shown in these photo galleries:
Drywall and Interior System Contractors Association of New Jersey

Gypsum Association

Interior Finish Contractors







The project photograph galleries illustrate unique applications of cold-formed steel framed systems in both exterior and interior applications. Architectural firms and contractors that were involved in the project are listed.  The Gallery is divided into three categories including projects that focus on interior partitions, interior ceilings or exteriors.  Most of the projects are award recipients as deemed by the associations listed on the top of this page.  To view the individual projects click on the desired type of project listed below.


Interior Ceilings

Interior Partitions


Follow this link to see the awards ceremony for The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency project in Springfield, Virginia.

Follow this link to see the awards ceremony for The CA Technologies project in New York, New York.