System Solutions

The proper design of a wall and ceiling system requires a balanced approach to the process itself.  Good system design includes the careful examination of fire resistance, acoustical performance, moisture resistance, water migration, heat transfer, and design aesthetics, including considering the durability and sustainability of the system and its components.  All of these factors must be analyzed in order to effectively meet the structural requirements of the system.  

The goal of the web site is to provide building designers with the information they need to help them assess the performance attributes of the various system components, and to help them determine how these various components can impact the overall performance of the system.  For example, selecting a component for its acoustical characteristics may help in the acoustical performance of the assembly, but also may have a serious negative effect on other key requirements, such as fire or structural performance. In most cases, it is important to understand that there may be important tradeoff considerations when one designs a wall and ceiling system.