Technical Resources

Designers and contractors have a wealth of online technical information available at their fingertips.  This information comes from many resources, and is based upon recognized codes and standards.  To design exceptional wall systems, contractors and designers must have a good understanding of the building sciences that influence the performance of walls.  These sciences not only include heat transfer, as it relates to both energy efficiency and fire resistance, but also include the fields of acoustics, moisture migration, and the elements of structural engineering.   In addition, designers and contractors must be well versed in the current recognized building codes and standards that govern the design and installation of wall systems.  These codes and standards are based upon building science and they function as practical applications of the principles of science linked with the safety and welfare of the people who occupy the built environment.

Building sustainability is also an essential element in the design process.  This section will review the environmental impact of the individual components and will explain how the system as a whole relates to the operational energy of the intended structure.